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It has been said that life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all. I don’t believe that to be truth; life is exactly as you perceive it.

My aim as a photographer is to capture moments, as I perceive them. Not only for my own memories and creative outlet, but also to share; share to inspire, inspire to stir, and stir to create change. Whether it’s a simple glance to brighten one’s day, or a long contemplating stare, that evokes a desire to experience a similar moment for oneself.

So take a look, at a moment in time through my eyes, and know that you are capable of looking around and viewing the world, exactly how you want to, through yours.

I find myself drawn to beautiful, rugged, and often remote places around the wide world, places that inspire me to share this beauty. The world is wide, but it is getting smaller, and more accessible, and it is important to slow down, draw awareness to the simplicity of life, the diversity that surrounds us, and acknowledge the impact we all have on planet earth. Let us take care to preserve and experience all this magnificent planet has to offer.

-Dakota Shae

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