Wow. I have lived within a days drive of Banff and Jasper National Parks all my life and have never been until now. The moment we drove into the valley I was absolutely blown away by the magnitude of the place. The mountains towering above the valley seemed to never end and the river running below glowed bright turquoise, tearing my senses between the Caribbean sea and rugged wilderness...breathtaking. 

We explored for eight days through the mountains and valleys and barely scratched the surface of the vast wilderness that makes up the parks. Our daily ritual generally consisted of some kind of mountain running,  hiking, or photo mission followed by a nice long soak in one of the many natural hot springs in the area...the perfect end to a long day exploring. 

The last couple days of our trip we were blessed with the first snowfall of the year. Not what we were expecting in early September, but we enjoyed the fresh white blanked mountains while staying as warm as we could in our fall clothes! We are planning another trip back in the Fall of 2019, if anyone has any recommendations on where to stay or what to  do, send me an email! 

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