Much of the time, traveling for me is not a vacation, but an experience. Its a chance to take a look into another part of the world, to adventure and go out, into a new place, and truly experience all it offers. Most of the time this means a constant go, go, go style of travel. While traveling I rarely sit still and do nothing, but this trip to Mexico was a trip to relax, a solid week of doing nothing but laying by the pool after a morning surf.

Despite our intention of a true vacation, we ended up doing a little bit of location scouting for a yoga retreat. After our week was up, we had decided it the perfect place to return for a luxury Mexico yoga retreat. If you are interested in checking it out, here is the link: iLa Retreat: Cangrejo y Toro.

In addition to the photo account of our trip, we also created daily VLOGS, each of the days we were there. Check out one of our top ten days ever here: TOP TEN DAY OF OUR LIVES!

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