On Thursday June 30th, 2017, I set out to climb Mt. Rainier in a single push, climbing from the car to the summit and back without stopping. It was my third attempt, and second successful summit of the mountain.

Along with these images, I documented the climb with two videos, I’ve split the video into two parts to make it easier to watch. Part one is the day before the climb. We make the drive to Mt. Rainier National Park, plan, organize gear, cook, and sing by the fire: Part 1 - Climbing Prep. Part two is our actual climb, we climb from the car to the summit and back, in just under 17 hours. We did not intend on going for speed, instead we took our time and enjoyed the climb. We wanted to go light, and test our physical capabilities and were stoked about it. It was an amazing climb, one of my best to date. Perfect conditions and super fun climbing partners made it one to remember, check it out here: Part ll - Single Push Rainier Climb.

Also, be sure to check out our 2014 Climb here: 2014 Summit Attempt

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